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Well here we are in 2006 and such a lot has happened, an operation on my spine in April and at long last I have parted company with my employers.  I have now found employment in the Chester area working with one of the big Banks.  On the wargaming front it has been nothing but Warhammer Historical, with my Gripping Beast Sassanid Army finished at last it was time to play, what followed was a series of defeats and what was learnt was to play only 'in Period' the period in question being covered by the Warhammer Historical supplement 'Beyond the Golden Gate'  

My regular wargaming partner Paul had decided to redo his Early Byzantines from scratch, and we both decided to enter the Warhammer bash at Warhammer world in late October of last year, what a weekend!! with an added bonus of a side trip to Wargames foundry.  Two days of gaming in a competition run by the beastie boys in fantastic surroundings what more could you want? to win a game or two?? well I managed to beat an Abbasid Arab and draw against a Justinian Byzant, but I got stuffed by two other Sassanids.  Paul with his Justinians was unlucky enough to play three other Justinians and lose but managed a draw against an Abbasid! funny thing is neither of us wanted to play an Abbasid army!!

Other news is that my Celtic army is nearing the finish line, using a mix of A&A, Renegade and Gripping beast, its a big army in more ways than one, doing the Celts means that it is a small jump to Carthaginians (again) so I'm painting those at the same time, O and not forgetting the Pontics and the Anglo Danish army and some Samnites......... 


At the moment 28 mm WAB is the interest with lots of painting while I'm off with my back injury, first off Sassanids, nearly all the excellent Gripping Beast range followed by Old Glory 25mm Late Saxons and than possibly more Gripping Beast but this time Late Byzantines. (Funny at one time back in the seventies I had Lamming Late Byzants and Sassanids and Minifigs/Lamming late Saxons?)

Another new army on the way!!  I have succumbed to the Dark side 28 mm Sassanids for Warhammer Ancient Battles.........What will Mother say?...... 

Here  we are with another year I hope that it is as good as you want it to be!  Remember to look at the Latest news link

This is September 2004 and we now live in wonderful North Wales, right in the middle of the countryside far different to industrial Oldham and only 26 miles to my place of work.  I must admit that it has made me evaluate my life and what I want for the future!

That's all folk back to the boring bits. 

This site is dedicated to those other sad buggers like me, who find playing Wargames with little metal figures, some how soothing and calming and yet it still retains the required charm and excitement  involved in beating  the crap out of your opponent! (I must unfortunately admit the latter sensation is not one I experience often)

Artillery.jpg (32803 bytes)

Southern Dynasty Artillery. The boys who can 'reach out and touch!'

I first started playing Wargames in the early 1970's, I had read an article in Military Modeling on the Imperial Roman army, which was illustrated with some nicely painted Hinchcliffe 25 mm figures, these really impressed me! and for the time were the Bee's Knees.

In those days you could find local shops that carried wargaming figures, in the North of England it was either Hinchcliffe, Lamming or Garrison but with a bit more effort, Miniature figurines from Southampton could be purchased and of course there was the shows, for us in the north there was Northern Militaire which in the early days was truly awesome.

I soon found my local shop, followed shortly by the Mailed Fist Wargames Group, at my first meeting I was introduced to Paul Beckmann and friends who sought to teach me the mysteries of 5th edition WRG rules, soon after Paul and friends decamped from the Mailed Fist to start the sadly now defunct Housecarles Wargames club and I duly followed. (Always a follower and never a leader.... except to my army's doom!)  Around 1972/1973 I joined the Society of Ancients and have stayed with that august body ever since except for the period of the 'Great Heresy', I'm one of the simple ones that like battle reports and how to use armies. 

Ian & Paul Just before a totally undeserved defeat...Honest!!

25mm was the preferred scale, starting with early Byzantines, then bits of other armies which were never finished before deciding on Lamming Sassanids and Late Byzantines, we are now talking about 5th edition WRG rules, Happy days! The next army and there always is a next army! Was Chinese, do you remember the Chinese list from the 1st edition WRG army lists? it covered about 2000 years of Chinese history with very few conditions (40 man mixed x/bow and spear blocks supported by rocket launchers and Chinese Cataphract equivalents)  Paul and I had managed to persuade Trevor Dixon of Dixon Miniatures to design a range of early Chinese figures using Greer's WRG Early Chinese armies book as the resource, but the range was never completed, I think Trevor thought that they would not generate the interest and sell!  

Hungarian Light Horse.jpg (80619 bytes)

Hungarian Foot.jpg (79638 bytes)

Hungarian Light Horse
Hungarian Spear

 Other armies followed, Later Carthaginian, an attempt at Mithradatic Pontic and a completed Later Macedonian army, a quick foray into Medievals with jingoistic Feudal English and then a dabble in Renaissance using George Gush's rules, Minifig's Thirty year Swedes providing the army (only ever played one game & that was against Paul's Samurai but they did the job!).  Along came 6th edition rules and these were duly played with, but on the horizon came both the SOA 'Great Heresy' and 7th edition rules, these in conjunction with ultra competitive gamers with poorly painted if painted at all armies (and you know who you are!!) was the final nail in the coffin for my ancient wargaming...or so I thought! 

When Colin Rumford's article on the WW II Somaliland campaign appeared in Wargames Illustrated I was ready for a change.  If you haven't fallen asleep yet you can follow the thread with this Rapid Fire! Link or use the link at the top of the page. I was fortunate to be able to play on a regular basis with Colin, Tony Chadburn and Mal Taylor, Colin would invite Lynn and myself over for the weekend, the girls would go out for the day and the boys would get to play with the toys!

There was also the Mega games such as fighting Arnhem on 60' of tables at the Brookside Studios with about twenty of us playing over a weekend, a lot of us staying at the excellent Red Lion at Lowton, run by Howard Greenwood another Wargamer, good food, great beer, little sleep and long gaming days.  Howard and Dave Johnson had the Wargamers Retreat at the Red Lion, again long enjoyable weekends replaying the Normandy Campaign (pushed the Americans back into the Sea at Omaha beach!) and the Arnhem battles.

But you can have too much of a good thing and so it was with WW II gaming, I decided to give it a rest for a while, anyway that's my excuse!

What I discovered in it's place was 15 mm Ancients using the WRG DBM rules and a jolly nice guy called Colin Betts (Jointly runs the UK Northern DBM league) who spent and spends a lot of time trying to teach Paul and I the finer points of playing DBM (Thankless task, low pay and unsociable hours!), If you are still interested you can use this link or the one at the top of the page to go to my DBM page

I have been short sighted since the age of six and as my age increased so did the thickness of my Lenses, I then discovered Contact Lenses, so cosmetically I almost looked Human, (Honest!) however in 2001 I had cause to have my eyes checked, (Yes, Two!) the Hospital Found I had a partially detached Retina plus extensive tearing in my left eye and tearing in my right eye.  Lots of Laser treatment later, and  my eyes are still knackered!, so a cut back in painting is in order. It looks like the contact lens are for the bin and its back to spectacles at least for most of the time!  


Why Makourian?  Well Makouria was one of the Christian Nubian Kingdoms and the Nubians were my first 15 mm Ancients army so why not??........

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